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The students will be exposed to these topics whether their parents want them to or not. It is better for them to have correct information than to have rumors and myths as their only source of information. Just because the student is informed about controversial topics such as masturbation, condom rolling, homosexuality, and transgender issues does not mean that they will automatically participate in them. The parents still have the ability to teach their children their own set of religious and moral philosophy.

These morals and philosophies can serve as an addition to the factual information presented at school.

Providing the students with factual information does not undermine the ability of the parents to teach their children about controversial issues in a way that reflects personal and family values that they wish to instill. Children are taught about the dangers of drugs and alcohol in schools with the hopes of preventing them from participating in these activities.

Similarly, they can be informed about sex education in a way that promotes abstinence, but that does not impose any religious or personal biases on it. They are just as dangerous as drugs or alcohol abuse. The goal of school sex education classes is to attempt to help reduce a potential source of harm to the students. One of the most difficult choices for lawmakers is how to adopt a policy on sex education that addresses both the concerns of the schools and the concerns of the parents.

It was found that those surveyed believed that the classes should focus on providing medically accurate information on both abstinence and contraception, sexual health information that is age and culturally appropriate, a focus on preventing teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It is also suggested that the classes include a clarification of values within the individual, discuss the clarification of family and community values, and communication skills involving refusal and negotiation about sexual actions Chen, Chen also suggests that parents be encouraged to participate in open forums regarding the selection of curriculum for the classes.

Recent polls have indicated that most families now support the teaching of sex education in schools to a certain extent Reuters, However some a parents still adamantly reject the idea that the schools should teach their children anything about sex at all. Schools now have the option to teach abstinence only classes, which has helped to calm some of these parents on the subject Reuters, However, abstinence only classes were found to increase sexually transmitted diseases in one study Carter, This study concluded that abstinence only classes had the effect of increasing sexual activity, where full sex education classes had an effect on reducing teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease among teens aged 15 to 19 Carter, The primary reasons for not wanting sex education that includes abstinence along with other topics is religious and personal.

While schools do not intend to undermine the teachings of the parents, they also have an obligation to provide students with the information that they need to navigate life. Research based practices in the area of sex education found that abstinence only classes did not have the desired effect on curbing teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

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While the wishes of parents must be respected when it comes to sex education, the outcomes for the youth must be the primary concern. Schools must provide information that is based on research and that has demonstrated the ability to achieve the desired results. There are certain to be some parents whom are upset by this, but research shows that public attitudes largely support sex education with a comprehensive list of topics. This includes sex education, abstinence, and how to enforce their rights.

The growing student debt crisis in the United States is created by banks that are targeting students with predatory loan Amazon and Walmart are two of America's largest discount retailers.

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Walmart has been America's predominant bricks and mortar store for One of the leading issues in the United States today is that of obesity. After hearing artist Susan Byrnes speak on her art and her creative process and after reading the article by art The case respondent reported to using Microsoft Excel for business purposes. In this case, the respondent uses Microsoft Excel for Problem Solar energy is a renewable power source with a significant economic and environmental potential.

Solar power plants convert the Search for:. Samples Education Sex Education and Abstinence.

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Sex Education and Abstinence Abstract Sex education is a controversial topic. Causal Essay: Student Debt The growing student debt crisis in the United States is created by banks that are targeting students with predatory loan Amazon versus Walmart Amazon and Walmart are two of America's largest discount retailers. Why Do Teens Have Sex n. Hence, it is important that sex education is implemented in schools so that teenagers can receive the information they need from the right sources; namely, teachers who are well informed about the topic.

On the other hand, some claimed that sex education is ineffective and does not give out the right information to help teenagers in making the right decisions for their sexuality. Parents, teachers still embarrassed about sex, A survey made showed that However, research has proven that sex education does indeed provide the much needed information and reduces sexual activity as teenagers received correct information from the classes. Firstly, there is much difference between those who took sex education and those who did not.

Figure 1 below National Survey of Children shows the difference in percentage between teenagers who are exposed to sex education and those who are not.

Argumentative Essay on Sex Education in Schools

This is because when teenagers are exposed to the lie that sex is harmless, their sexual activity increases as they have not covered sex education yet. Teenagers can learn that one of the major causes of STDs is through sexual activity. Even oral sex can be a pathway for the transmission of such diseases. Sex and AIDS education have been proven by research done that they delay sexual activity as well as they teach students who are more sexually active to have safer sex. There are many sexually abused children who did not come to light or the attention of government authority on what have been cruelly done to them.

The wrongly placed shame, the guilt and the fear of being blamed on have shied them away from confessions to parents or authority figures. Sex education has only recently become important in these past few years but child sexual abuse has existed throughout human history. Thus, implementing sex education into schools can decrease the rate of child sexual abuse and thus providing a way out for children and teenagers.

Sex Education: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Carroll, Besides that, the availability of sex education can also offer help and guidance to children with learning disabilities as they go through puberty. Child sexual abuse is defined as any form of sexual activity forced onto a child whether by a person younger or older than the child.

Sexuality Education - Advocates for Youth

Munro, Munro claimed that children and teenagers are vulnerable and often can be exposed to sexual abuse without anyone knowing. And as they did not receive any counseling or teaching, they do not have full understanding of being taken advantage of. It also leaves them in a defenseless situation which they might be preyed on again. In America, there are 39 million of survivors from child sexual abuse at present. By their 18th celebration, one in four females and one in six males are sexually abused.

Mish, cited in Mail Tribune But sex education gives children and teenagers information about how to prevent sex abuse, that sexual abuse do not occur to every child and that they must seek help if they were victimized. It teaches children and teenagers to be well aware of sexual abuse. Carroll, It can be concluded that in order to decrease the rate of child sexual abuse, the implementation of sex education in schools is practical as children and teenagers would learn about child abusers and sex abuse and they could reject such offences upon them. Children and teenagers would be more aware of the current situation in this modern society and they would know the actions to be taken if necessary.

A child with learning disabilities received and processed data and information with a slower speed due to some difficulties in the brain as well as the nervous system. As they need help when studying or paying closer attention to lessons, these children also need help in controlling their sex drives when they reach puberty in their teenage years. However, the topic of sex and children with learning disabilities always seemed to be swept under the carpet, ignored for fear that it would promote sex risks.

Besides that, there is also evidence proving that the implementation of sex education is desperately needed for children and teenagers with learning disabilities. Teaching sex education to children with learning disabilities, For John who is a teenager with learning disability, he managed to control his inappropriate actions in public and it decreased gradually. NursingTimes, Obviously, this proves that as long as a person with learning disorder obtained proper education about sex, he can reign in his sex drives based on his surroundings and what he had been taught.

It can be concluded then that sex education can help teenagers with learning disabilities to control themselves as well as preventing others for abusing them sexually. They can also understand better about sexual relationships and their body. Thus, this shows that sex education is capable of preventing children and teenagers from becoming victims of sexual abuse as well as being the perpetrator.

Therefore, it can be concluded that sex education aids teenagers in their sexuality and related issues at present and in the future.

Children and teenagers need good and correct information from the right sources about sex, sexual relationships and various other related issues in order to make a right decision for their present and future. They need to understand about what can happen if there are misconceptions about sex, it in turn becomes dangerous. For they will be our future pillars for the next generation and the next.

The implementation of sex education in schools will be able to prepare them properly. Not only that, based on the evidences and research done as well as collected carefully, it proves that sex education brings many benefits by reducing the rate of teen pregnancy, providing teenagers with accurate and helpful information, and also protecting them from harm.

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Looking into the creditability of the evidences and research done on this topic, it is safe to say that sex education in schools is heavily encouraged on. However, it should be tested whether abstinence-only or comprehensive sex education works better for the students. The collected results from the selected schools will then only be analyzed and then implemented into schools.

Sex Education in Schools and Home - Research Paper Example

Not only that, parents should also be encouraged to meet with the educators responsible so that they may know of the contents of sex education and will be able to discuss easier about sex with their teenagers. The meetings can consist of teachers explaining what they will be covering on with the students in schools. By accomplishing this, parents would no longer be standing on the opposing side of implementing sex education into the school curriculum.

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