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The diverse nature of modern business operations has made it a strategic necessity to have a proper understanding of oneself as well as why others act the way they do, this is so as to work cooperatively, harmoniously, and freely with them to mitigate conflict tendencies inherent in human nature.

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Therefore, achieving such harmonious and cooperative atmosphere is premised on the degree of emotional intelligence of all members of the organization irrespective of their level and position occupied. It was based on this notion that this study theoretically reviewed the literature on the meaning and nature of emotional intelligence construct, x-rayed its three basic models which explain the various ways an individual can display emotional intelligence competence.

The study further situates emotional intelligence in the behavioural school of management thought. Consequently, the study found that emotional intelligence plays inestimable role in the promotion of group cohesiveness at the workplace through effective interpersonal relationship management competence. Given these findings, we conclude that in the organization, employee performance and industrial harmony to a great extent depend on how well and potent emotional intelligence is displayed by the people.

Finally, the study recommended as follows: i that management of organization should emphasize the need for a sustained social interaction at the workplace among employees through orientation and training since it serves as a lubricant for group cohesiveness ii that businesses should provide the necessary leadership that will motivate people in the organization to trust one another and allow free flow of information, learning from one another and mutual support.

Keyword: Emotional intelligence, models, social awareness, relationship management, intrapersonal relations, interpersonal relations, behavioural school of management thought. The main purpose of this paper is to present a conceptual model for the integration of employees' competencies into the models for assessing the readiness of organizations for Industry 4. Transformative changes of the business Transformative changes of the business environment and subsequently of the organizations caused by the adoption of Industry 4. A growing amount of literature indicates that increasingly multicultural and multidisciplinary business environment, which is also technologically advanced, will impact the aspects of personal and professional sides of employees' competencies the most.

However, with regards to the current models for assessing the readiness of organizations, their focus largely on the technological side of the transformation and subsequently the softer people-related aspects are understated. One of those understated aspects are competencies that are not considered as an independent criterion, which can help to more comprehensively determine organizations' readiness for Industry 4. Managing the Anthropocene: Relational agency and power to respect planetary boundaries. This article examines how agency should be conceptualized to manage the pressing problems of the Anthropocene in support of sustainable change.

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  7. The article reviews and analyzes literature on agency in relation to planetary boundaries, The article reviews and analyzes literature on agency in relation to planetary boundaries, advancing the relational view of agency in which no actors are granted a primary ontological status and agency is not limited to humans but may be attributed to other actors.

    This understanding of agency can effectively contribute to sustainable organizations; on the one hand, it enables non-anthropocentrism and on the other hand, admits that networks bind actors. We conclude that boundary blurring between actors and boundary formation between actors and networks are complementary processes.

    Consequently, relationality is proposed as an applicable means of respecting planetary boundaries, while recognizing that all action flows through circuits of power whose obligatory passage points are the major conduits for intervention. Intervention occurs through regulation and nudging action such as ecotaxation.

    Ashly Pinnington. In the changing world of work, health, safety and well-being are matters of continued and increasing concern for governments, employers and workers. The following document reviews the amassing body of literature in this field, focusing on The following document reviews the amassing body of literature in this field, focusing on topics and themes that are relevant to both local and global contexts. The key question guiding the review is a deceptively simple one: What makes for good health and safety at work?

    More specifically, the review is driven by the following questions: 1 What are the key factors of health, safety and well-being at work? Islamic banking sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Pakistan for the last two decades.

    Organizational Behaviour

    But it has been facing very tough competition from the conventional banking sector. Being experienced in the market, conventional banks are Being experienced in the market, conventional banks are introducing more and more innovative products, services, procedures and systems to their customers for better business results. Now, there is a dire need for the Islamic banking sector to enhance employee innovative work behavior EIWB to mitigate the challenge of innovation, to compete with conventional banks and to survive in the dynamic financial market.

    A nationwide empirical study was conducted with a sample of from different branches in all major cities of Pakistan. Quantitative techniques were used for the research and data were collected in non-contrived settings. The findings of the study concluded that five leader behaviors: recognizing, delegating, intellectual stimulation, rewarding and support for innovation have a positive significant impact on EIWB in Islamic banking sector of Pakistan.

    These behaviors enhance innovative behavior among the target respondents. On the other hand, informing, role-modeling and providing vision were not found to have any significant relationship with EIWB. So three hypotheses were rejected and the study sought to provide a different notion in the current research settings if compared to the past studies conducted in other countries. However, monitoring has a negative significant impact on EIWB.

    It shows that excessive monitoring by the managers decreases EIWB.

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    Recommendations for policymakers and suggestions for the future researchers are also discussed. The changes in the focus of Slovak organisations on talent management. Distinguishing an organisation from the competition, and building a position noticeably ahead of it entails the identification , attracting, education, development, and especially retaining of quality and talented employees. The objective The objective of the article is to analyse the link between the region of operation of the organisation and its focus on the activities related to talent management, and to specify the overall change in the focus of organisations on talent management in time.

    Several partial objectives, such as a questionnaire survey conducted in Slovak organisations between , were fulfilled in order to accomplish this objective. Statistical hypothesis testing aimed at specifying the relationship between the region of operation of the given organisation and the execution of activities related to talent management in it, and the focus of the organisation on career planning of all the categories of employees, confirmed a link between the analysed variables.

    Positive changes in the selected attributes in time were evaluated by the fixed-base index. Related Topics. Human Resource Management. Follow Following. Organizational Theory. Organizational Psychology. Organizational Culture. Industrial And Labor Relations. Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Organizational Change. Organization Studies. Ads help cover our server costs. Remember me on this computer.

    Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up. The sociotechnical systems theory looks at two things. The social system in the work environment and the technical system in the work environment. The combination of these two things can lead to an organizations effectiveness in keep customers satisfied.

    The social system consists of the organizations workers and the technical system looks the workers training, tools and knowledge Better Essays words 2 pages Preview.

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    The concepts of organizational behavior can be applied to a multitude of organizational problems that can occur in corporate, educational, institutional, and other team settings. An instance of an organizational problem that I have experienced is when my company made the transition from a paper filing system to an electronic filing system Showing commitment to the company you are working for is by far one of the best things you can do if you would like to grow with them. Organizations help those who show one hundred percent commitment at all times, by you showing commitment you are gaining trust from them, they start giving you more responsibilities and new tasks to complete Better Essays words 3.

    Depending on organizations these managerial roles changes and to be successful in business, every organization must assign right person for managerial roles. Finding a right person to a particular managerial role is really hard to do but there is another factor that we can consider here, which is the managerial skills. Managerial skills help a person to perform the managerial roles effectively Eric James.

    Organizational Behaviour Research (Introduction and Basic Concepts)

    Our interview shades light on the fact that all employees perspective on organizational structure is not always as it appears in black and white. He has been employed with this organization for over seven years preceding the completion of his military term. Coming from the United States Navy Mr. James views on organizational structure and culture was completely different from his experiences that he has had since employed with CHS This essay studies the changes in the business environment since the past one hundred years and how the organizations have responded to the identified challenges because of the changes that occurred.

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    Moreover, it explains how the attitude of the consumers towards the workplace has changed in relation to their expectations, motivation and job satisfaction According to the authors Uhl-Bien, Schermerhorn Jr. Power is classified into two categories; one being position power which stems from the formal hierarchy or authority that comes with the specific position or role and two personal power which resides in the individual themselves and generates relationships with others Uhl-Bien, Schermerhorn Jr.

    The first clip is a comedy sketch called The Expert and is a classic corporate office setting. In The Expert, different professional backgrounds create a heterogenous group, causing ineffective communication and problem solving. Based on the answers found from the assessment, I have created a personal profile to explain my scores. The exercises describe ISTJ as organized, private, trustworthy and practical Organizational behavior is critical to organizational effectiveness, and these tests can also point individuals toward certain careers or organizations that are good fits.

    How far will one go to achieve their goal. Does it mean compromising their ethical beliefs or will they succeed following their ethical compass. For many, they will do just about anything, include being unethical.

    No boundary, no barrier, no obstacle will stop them. The movie depicts various management and observation behavior concepts covered in Organizational Behavior such as communication process model, power and counter power, the MARS Model, and values and ethics Strong Essays words 3.

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    Out of many instances, I would like to share the latest experience Counter employees, spend the most time with consumers. Organizational behavior is an interdisciplinary body of knowledge with strong ties to the behavioral sciences such as psychology, sociology and anthropology as well as to allied sciences. However, the goal of organizational behavior is to integrate the diverse insights of these other disciplines and apply them to real-world problems and opportunities.

    The ultimate goal of organizational behavior is to improve the performance of people, groups and organizations Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, Better Essays words 1.

    Recent Research in Organizational Behavior Articles - Elsevier

    Some examples include conflicts with employees, team issues, and issues that are within the entire organization. Most of the issues within company stem from a lack of communication. Another reason for the behavior issues within an organization is an incorrect organizational structure and foundation.