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They were managerial understanding and the ability to use ABC information, positive attitudes by accounting staff towards ABC and adequate training for ABC and a clear understanding of its purposes. The dominant motives for implementing ABC related to the deficiencies of the existing system such as the existing system not providing useful information to management, it was necessary to update the existing costing information system and the existing costing system was not reliable.

The most important reasons for not implementing ABC were that the perceived benefits did not justify the cost of implementing it, most of the indirect costs were fixed, the existing system was considered satisfactory for controlling overheads and the general lack of support from top management or individuals to act as champions. A distinguishing feature of the study is that it overcomes the deficiencies of previous ABC studies that have used bivariate statistical tests.

These studies have examined independently, without controlling for the impact of other variables in the model, whether the difference between ABC adopters and non-adopters are statistically significant in respect of each of the selected contextual variables.

This study uses mutivariate binary logistical regression that systematically controls for the impact of the other explanatory variables that are likely to influence the adoption of ABC. The diffusion of management accounting innovations : a study of the factors influencing the adoption, implementation levels and success of ABC. Comments Notes. View Comments.

View Notes. In New challenges to international marketing pp. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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    PhD defense: Ken Blindheim | NHH

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    Strategic Management in a Global Context impact of the downturn

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