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  3. The park is place we like to go when we want to relax. Observation Descriptave Essay
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Not a fact, just an opinion, Please refer "hedging for EAP". It The park is an obvious place My visited park,abc, was one that I thought would revealed my new horizontal a certain level of peace. It did. Mackenzie, I can see why your teacher told you that something was missing from the essay. It was highly descriptive in a visual way.

You need to engage all the 5 senses of a human body when you write these essays. The smell of the night time air, the feel of the setting sun on your skin, the people having a picnic, the man having coffee on a bench nearby, all of these are part of a descriptive essay. Think outside of the box as you write this.

Consider that you were seeing things unfolding before your eyes but you did not allow your imagination to soar. You merely stated what was obvious.

How to Write a Profile Essay

There was no creativity to the presentation. You went for factual presentations when you were required to use your imagination in order to make this park, and the way that various people relax when they are there, come to life in the mind of the reader. You could have said something like; As I stepped off my moped and walked towards the park entrance, the smell of corn dogs coming from the hot dog stand near the ticket booth filled my senses.

Determine where you will write what. This will provide you with a good framework in which you can underpin your essay.

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Get into the action right from the beginning. Try to avoid round-about paragraphs.

Sunday Field Trip And Sketch / Photo Essay

Come straight to what you want to talk about but elaborate on it. Let the reader visualize and grasp it. That is the success of quality descriptive writing. The descriptive essay also follows the usual format of introduction, body and conclusion.

In this case, the introduction mentions the topic of the essay and gives a brief background about it. The background should be relevant but short, so as to bring the object of study succinctlyinto the view of the reader. The body of the essay is divided into paragraphs or sections, depending on the length of the essay. Each of these should take one aspect of the topic of study and expound on it. A variety of sentence structures and a more imaginative vocabulary would serve to bring more vividness and completeness to the description.

So, stock up on some good words and structures. You have tomake use of them in the appropriate places to bring more punch to your essay. The only way to do this is to practice writing different sentences in different ways and then select the more suitable one. As they say, practice makes perfect and you will soon be able to breeze off sentences and whole paragraphs that can earn you great grades. Link words or transition words and sentences are important to keep up the smooth flow of thought match the essay.

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The park is place we like to go when we want to relax. Observation Descriptave Essay

Words like additionally, also, so, hence, however, nonetheless, in spite of, thus etc. Transition sentence also provide a preview into what is coming next.

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Write a conclusion that matches and fits the essay and is what the description should lead to. The conclusion should be a brief summation of what has already been said in the essay and end it with the inference of the thesis statement.

People Watching Observation Essay

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