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Generally, I slipped away from the park during a lull in the action and returned asstealthily as I had gone, foisting Roald Dahl paperbacks on my mother andscrambling to rejoin my friends in arguing the relative merits of the Hulk andSuperman. I never thought to integrate these passions; they remained firmlysegregated. That Clark Kent and Willy Wonka should never cross paths was a given;the giants existed in separate realms of my life. More than anything else, my Regis career has reversed that assumption.

I nowrecognize that my intellectual growth and my peer community are inextricablylinked. I have come to regard those who surround me not simply as a network offriends, but most vitally as components in the ongoing work of education. Iunderstand that an individualized process of learning is intellectually impoverished.

Harvard Admissions Essays

The most startling of my educational epiphanies have occurred in the context offellow students. My first reading of the classic, in sixth grade, came in anatomized intellectual climate. You know who kills the Arab all along. Each member of the class offered his insights for consideration,risking the scrutiny of the group but confident in its intellectual generosity. Therigorous standards of the class, and our common desire for understanding, ledeventually to firmer comprehension.

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My balanced interpretation of Camus derivedonly from the intensity of discussion, the contributions of my peers, and our mutualwillingness to share our insights. Speakers engage each other on subjects ranging from democratic and free-market Plagiarism is severely punished! Practices involve evaluation by fellow team members andsuccess depends intimately on an accurate common understanding of the issuesLincoln-Douglas Debate, similarly, entails team formulations of argument based onphilosophical principles.

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Theassimilationist camp suggested that the achievement of group dignity and a privateidentity for the deaf had to occur against the backdrop of a larger public identity. Theseparatism inherent in ASL or deaf schools fatally divorced the group frommeaningful participation in the American democracy. True cultural uniquenessrequired a common frame of reference.

Conversely, the deaf separatist partisansmaintained that this decidedly marginalized minority deserved a distinctness ofculture commensurate with the distinctness of its experience. Separation alloweddignity and empowerment. As the hours wore on and the dialectic raged out of control, positions became moreentrenched, but paradoxically a truer comprehension arose.

The eloquence andpersuasiveness with which each side advanced its interpretation furthered theexchange. We acknowledged and respected the logic of those with whom wedisagreed, and we reinforced our own convictions by articulating and defendingthem. At , bedraggled, exhausted, and happily not unanimous in perspective,we regretfully dispersed to our rooms, to sleep off the effects of the session.

How to Write the Harvard Supplemental Essays

If I began my educational career as an intellectual monopolist, I have evolved intoa collectivist. Some praised its transmission ofbleakness and pessimism; others joined critics in attacking its excesses and itsartistic license in manipulating the original. Regis has wonderfully fused the communal and theintellectual phases of my life.

But while many applicants may choose a defining anddistinct moment — winning the state speech tournament or setting the school recordfor the highest GPA —as an experience worth retelling, Habib instead chooses tochronicle the gradual process of intellectual maturation. By choosing this topic,Habib has the opportunity to reflect on his education and recount several formativeexperiences, not just resort to trite descriptions of winning or losing. The fact that Habib makes the argument successfully,through the use of details and concrete examples, makes the essay all the moreimpressive.

The sentences can be complex and a bitconvoluted. The language used, while enough to impress any Kaplan SAT instructor,could be toned down to make the essay more readerfriendly. Habib could haveeasily shortened his statement by using fewer examples of real-life learningexperiences. All in all, it is a well-written essay enhanced by personal insights, examples, and theall-important details. With a series of subtle but relentless beeps, my faithful Timex Ironmanwatch alarm signaled the start of another day, gently ending the pleasant slumber Iso often fail to enjoy.

With the touch of a button I silenced the alarm, falling back onmy bed to establish a firmer grasp of where I was and why on earth I had set myalarm for A.

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Slowly the outline of my soundly sleeping roommate came intofocus. Beyond his bed was the window. Across the Neva River the view of theHermitage and Winter Palace, illuminated brightly with spotlights, faded in and outof the falling snow. I was definitely still in St. I dialed the front desk. Ireached for my running tights, glad that meant negative seven degrees Celsius. Itook another look into the darkness outside. Negative seven degrees Fahrenheit andI would not be running.

The hotel lobby was empty except for the guard and thewoman at the desk. As I stepped outside, I pressed the start button on my TimexIronman and began jogging. It was a pristine morning. The November wind promptly reminded me just whatwinter meant at 60 degrees north latitude. With the sky awaiting the break of dawn,I started making my way through the newly fallen snow. Soon the sound of mylabored breathing came through the rhythmic swooshing of running shoes dancingthrough the snow.

As clouds of breath collected in front of me, I passed slowlythrough them, marking my forward progress with each exhale. Around the corner Ifound a freshly shoveled sidewalk. Following the inviting path, I soon came upon theshoveler, an old man sporting the classic Russian winter outfit: fur cap, long coat,and mittens. Time had left its mark on his wrinkled face and worn clothing. Despitethe falling snow, which accumulated at a far greater pace than the man could keepup with, he continued to shovel relentlessly, barely glancing up as I jogged by him.

I respect his perseverance. He was working fiercely in the Russian spirit. And as thewar medals proudly displayed on his coat indicate, he had been doing so for a while. Perhaps this man was one of the few that survived the Nazi siege on Leningrad, aliving reminder of why the United States must remain deeply involved in worldpolitics. As I turned and ran across the bridge leading downtown, the battleship Potemkincame into view.

Still afloat as a working museum, young sailors in fullmilitary dress cleared its decks of snow. While I ran past the ship, a sailor stoppedto wave. A few seconds later I glanced back, noticing that the same sailor was still looking atme. I must have been quite a sight in my brightly colored Nike running suit treadingthrough a foot of new snow.

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While running past the Winter Palace, Iquickened my pace, half expecting the Tsarina to step out and stop my progress. Isprinted through Revolution Square, glancing left to see the spot where Tsar Nicolasabdicated and right to see the monument commemorating the defeat of Napoleon. While trodding through historic St. Petersburg, I reflected on the last discussion Ihad with Sasha, my Russian host student. What begun asa question-and-answer session about life in the United States became a titanic Plagiarism is severely punished!

He wanted to know about our government andwhat democracy meant for him and his people.

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Being the first U. Realizing that myresponse could forever shape his impression of democracy in the U. For Russians, democracy remains a new and untrusted method of government. Clearly, Russia is still in a state of change, vulnerable to the forces of the past andskeptical of the future. Sasha, unable to share my faith in the democratic politicalprocess, listened patiently to my explanations.

I tried my best to help Sashaconceptualize what the United States is about and just what it means to be anAmerican. For the sake of both countries I hope he accepted my prodemocracyargument. It was conversations like these that brought a new sense of urgency tomy time in Russia. His dream of serving as a diplomat may very wellmaterialize. Perhaps someday Sasha will be in a position to make decisions thataffect the United States.

I hope my impression will in some way affect his judgmentin a positive manner.

How to Write the Harvard Supplemental Essays 12222-2020

After jogging up the hotel steps, I pressed the stop button. Not bad for a morningrun I thought. PressMode button. Time zone one: E. Columbus, Ohio. So you think you can changethe world? Time zone two: St.

Petersburg, Russia, November 4, Perhaps in some small way I can change the world,one conversation at a time. Armed with a keen interest in the post-Communistplight, I set forth to learn from my Russian brethren and to teach them about theirAmerican peers. Instead, Kirchhoff tells the admissions committee about the Russia he has come toknow on his early-morning jogs. We learn that he is a disciplined runner, aperceptive observer of human nature, a willing learner of the Russian language.

Bright Nike running tights, his Time Ironman, and the rhythmic swooshing of hisrunning shoes are details that his audience will remember.